I have heard many people saying that they are afraid of it. Are you one of them? According to them, the #‎Internet‬ is not a ‪‎safe‬ place for everyone. (It’s safe for some)

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What 2 months of Web security taught me?

About 2 and a half months ago, I started writing about the Internet safety as a part of Google’s Web Rangers contest organized in India and through it I have learnt that how important the security of this virtual world is; I saw & interviewed people, including my friends and many of them didn’t even knew the basics of the Internet and its safety; it was a whole new thing for them. This made me think and realize that the world I was living in; the people I was living with are utterly unaware of the virtual vices. Along with them, I have learned many other things also that I want to share with you today:

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Gain your freedom of speech on the Web |World Press Freedom Day

 ” If it’s not open; it’s not safe! “

Today is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day which aims in developing a world where the journalism has full Freedom to report any crime in this world. And when we are talking about Freedom, we can’t ignore the Web, even the people living in countries that don’t give freedom of speech as a human right use the Web as a powerful tool to express their inner thoughts. We have already done an article on how you can express your thoughts with full anonymity and today we will work on the empowerment of free speech. BANNER WPFD(English)Above, is the official poster of the freedom day published by the UNESCO, who leads the worldwide celebration by identifying the global thematic and organizing the main event in various parts of the globe.

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A war for Net Neutrality!

In India, the country’s telecommunications are planning to adopt a provision to regulates web costs according to the sites. This means that they will be able to charge users extra fees for services like YouTube, WhatsApp and Skype on the top of Internet fees. And as the net neutrality says: Internet should be treated with proper equality and no one should make us pay extra than the normal data charges.  You can easily submit a response to the TRAI (at advqos@trai.gov.in) before the deadline on 24 April 2015, as their final decision will be based on the users choice. And this work can be done in a better way using this site- www.savetheinternet.in

 People are also using the #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality or #SaveTheInternet on the social media that tells us about their anger towards this statement.

So, it’s your decision to support any side, but we will be present here to save you from any kind of web threat in both type of Internets. Thank you for reading!