CyberBullying: Does Bullies also deserve a chance to improve? | We ask you!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

This quote was originally said by Mark Twain,  a great author from the United states who has written many great novels, including the best-selling, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. I am mentioning this quote here because today’s article is all based decision-making & self-reflection.

We have already talked a lot about CyberBullying & its effects on our society, so this week I conducted a poll asking people that, “Do you think that Bullies deserve a chance to improve?”. And here is the result of that poll:

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A war for Net Neutrality!

In India, the country’s telecommunications are planning to adopt a provision to regulates web costs according to the sites. This means that they will be able to charge users extra fees for services like YouTube, WhatsApp and Skype on the top of Internet fees. And as the net neutrality says: Internet should be treated with proper equality and no one should make us pay extra than the normal data charges.  You can easily submit a response to the TRAI (at before the deadline on 24 April 2015, as their final decision will be based on the users choice. And this work can be done in a better way using this site-

 People are also using the #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality or #SaveTheInternet on the social media that tells us about their anger towards this statement.

So, it’s your decision to support any side, but we will be present here to save you from any kind of web threat in both type of Internets. Thank you for reading!

The Perfect Password

Making the Password

  • Use 12 characters or more.
  • A mixtue of Uppercase (ABCD) & lowercase (abcd) alphabets.
  • At least two or three numbers (123).
  • It should have punctuation or symbols. (,:;-!? or @&+=>$#*)
  • Turn phrases into codes (I am the dumbest creature- IATDC), its safe & easy to remember.

Keeping it Safe!

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