Afraid of the Internet | Let’s fight our Fears!

#AfriadOfInternet: As promised, we collected your problems and found the best possible solutions for them. By the way, most of the answers were in my old articles. So, before you move to the solutions, check out this quick video:

So, finished watching the video? Now, we will discuss & solve the people’s fear. And maybe, you can find a solution for yours too!

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I have heard many people saying that they are afraid of it. Are you one of them? According to them, the #‎Internet‬ is not a ‪‎safe‬ place for everyone. (It’s safe for some)

‪‎Share‬ your reason of being ‪‎afraid‬ and get included in out next ‪‎article‬ &‪ ‎video‬. We will be also solving your problem there.

You can message us or share using the Comments, Mail or FacebookI will be waitng for you.


Watch Your Words; They Become Actions! | The story of Jasmine

Today I am gonna share a short story of one beautiful girl, just read it on, I am not going spoil anything here, read the whole article and get the conclusion in the end:


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What 2 months of Web security taught me?

About 2 and a half months ago, I started writing about the Internet safety as a part of Google’s Web Rangers contest organized in India and through it I have learnt that how important the security of this virtual world is; I saw & interviewed people, including my friends and many of them didn’t even knew the basics of the Internet and its safety; it was a whole new thing for them. This made me think and realize that the world I was living in; the people I was living with are utterly unaware of the virtual vices. Along with them, I have learned many other things also that I want to share with you today:

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How we literally kill others on the Internet!

“By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”

I never met her in real life, we just talked on web.
But I am sure that she was a really beautiful soul and a huge fandom of social networking.
She loved sharing what was on her mind with the world but, unfortunately, the world didn’t love her like she loved the world.
She got disgrace, haterade & jealousy in return of her feelings. And as a last option she chooses to quit this judging world, that cares more about their views than a person’s feelings.

We don’t think that our words affect. (It was just a small comment, we think.)
But in real, they do! And due to this; due to us, many beautiful souls die and another gets up to have their place until someone again judges, what’s on their mind.

So, above was a work of fiction that describe the current situation of this so-called “Developed” world. We judge others by their actions, but ourselves by our intentions. Everyone who just scroll down; likes or support one of those negative comments become a part of it; part of the crime, that hurts a person’s mind. We also know it by an another name: CyberBullying. Yes! It’s a part of it and most the time it develops a base for the bullies to attack the victims. And according to some studies, Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

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Did anything wrong? Confess it here!

Ever felt the need of a place where you can express your feelings, share your secrets or confess your mistakes? We have got it for you right here and along with a feature of sharing Anonymously.

From today onwards, a new service from Immune Web is started through which you can share your stories and confess your digital sins. Send us your messages on our Facebook page or via Email or fill out this easy form. (Anonymous available)

We will share that story on our blog & social network to let everyone read and enjoy it, along with that we will also give you tips for solving your digital problems and help to make your internet life better.

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