Watch Your Words; They Become Actions! | The story of Jasmine

Today I am gonna share a short story of one beautiful girl, just read it on, I am not going spoil anything here, read the whole article and get the conclusion in the end:


Her name was Jasmine, one of the finest looking girl from her class along with a very sharp mind like God has made her with full dignity; a beauty with a brain! Almost everyone who knows her personally, loved his personality and along with this, she was also a wonderful writer, she loved to write about the world; about the places she had traveled; about great people she had met and so on.

But she didn’t want to keep those stories; those views to herself, she was looking for a platform where she can tell the whole world that who she really is and to show the real power of his pen. In her search for a platform, she got a really exciting tool, everyone was crazy about it and it was also a great source of information collecting, as well as spreading; it was the “Internet”! One of her friends introduced her to this virtual world, she was really excited to share her words and she did so. Even, it was at a small scale, but she gained a lot of readers and with every coming day she kept on unfolding the Internet of things, and finally she met the “Social Network”; the giant place where everyone had something to share and talk about.

She then started sharing her words at this place, but she was unaware of that this place is full of people who will not only judge her views, but also her life. As soon as she started sharing her ideas here, some people raised their hands to support her, but the hands to pull her down were in a much greater number. One of her most popular articles on the social network was about the Inner beauty that every person had; it gained a lot of audiences although they were interested in her, more than her article. Just after publishing it, she started receiving the messages and comments of the people:



These type of message didn’t stop and when she tried to take the help of her friends, they completely ignored her saying this is normal. She tried her best to get herself out of this but failed. She was afraid to tell her parents or teachers as they don’t want her stay within a limited border; within a boundary or rules, guidelines and not to dos. With every day, these comments & messages became cheaper and she could do was nothing. Finally, she made a decision to quit the Internet, but somehow one of those managed to get her number and started teasing her with the prank, blank or abusive calls.

Now, she was even afraid to walk alone in the street as those negative words followed her everywhere, she always felt like someone is watching her and is ready to judge. But like every human she had a limit, her friend, who introduced her to the world of the Internet was the one who found her body, covered utterly with blood in the school’s toilet. 

Yes, she managed to get rid of those voices; those judgments that she was afraid of. A great writer who became afraid of the words left everyone wordless.

So, did you enjoyed the story because I didn’t! Again a woman was pushed out of the race of life with by negativity; by the judgment system; by the social network! But what if this story could have a happy ending? What if this story can be an inspiration for us?

Have a look at two other ending of this story, and in the end we will discuss everything. 

Before that, watch this beautiful video that tells us how we need to change our stereotype thinking:

It was the time when everyone was against her, every comment that she got was making her closer to the end, but this time a light of hope came:


rno3cLater they became good friends and Michael told her every aspect that helped her to tackle any negativity on the social network, he also unfolded some other important points to her feel more free to express her ideas.

In this way, he became the prince who rescued her princess from the dragon of social judgment.

But why do the stereotypes always says that the price saved the princess? And why do we even follow them? The next ending of this story will try to break this stereotype.

This time, the story goes on like this, being a writer, Jasmine had also written about the working and dealing of the negativity. She know how to make these guys shut up, she didn’t need to block or report them, also she don’t want someone to help her dealing with it; she had the ability to fight them in her own way. She was brave enough to stay strong and smart enough to teach them a lesson. Here is how she dealt with the situation:


9zwzoHer actions defined the real power; the real beauty of the woman that have the power to save any prince from any powerful beast.

” Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words; Watch Your Words, They Become Actions. “

So, if you have read the above article thoroughly, we will now learn about the factors that affected and modeled the ending of the story:

  • Independence: As you saw, if Jasmine had proper knowledge and confidence then no man or woman would dare to do anything against her. She can be independent and self-sufficient if she gets proper knowledge.
  • Help: Even if you lack knowledge, you should surround yourself with people like Michael who will support you in any problem just like a true friend, unlike Jasmine’s friends who ignored her problems and just moved on.
  • Awareness: Imagine an internet where everyone has proper knowledge and confidence to tackle any attacks or problems, after that there will be no one to post negative comments or send teasy messages.
  • Activeness: Think if the social sites get more active; they get a technology update through which every spam message or post gets removed before even I see it. Also, these sites can help people to learn about the cyber security and web working.

So, before I end, there are some things that I want to make clear: I am not good at story telling, so I am sorry if it was bad and This article was inspired by thousands of stories that we hear all around, including the stories that people share with Immune Web. Also, this story was a complete work of fiction and don’t have any relation to real people.

Sorry for the long post! Share your views about this story in the comments below. And if you have any questions, requests or doubts then you can them to send via Email or using our message box.

Thank you for Reading!


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