Afraid of the Internet | Let’s fight our Fears!

#AfriadOfInternet: As promised, we collected your problems and found the best possible solutions for them. By the way, most of the answers were in my old articles. So, before you move to the solutions, check out this quick video:

So, finished watching the video? Now, we will discuss & solve the people’s fear. And maybe, you can find a solution for yours too!

  • Dhruv Setia, Student:

The Internet has all my personal information; it knows everything about me. That scares me!

Yes, the internet knows a lot about you, but if you think again it only knows what you have told it. I mean, it only has the information that you have shared with the Internet. So, I will recommend you to look again about what you have shared on it and remove what you don’t want to be public. And the Internet has a lot of options to protect your privacy. If anyone is still having a fear of losing their privacy then read these articles: Protect your privacyWho’s watching you? | Discussion on Privacy, Trackers and Cookies!

  • Rahul Sharma, Trader:

The Internet has all my Money; it has full control over my economy. I am afraid that I can lose it!

Anyone with a lot of digital money lives in the fear of losing it due to technical problems. But these kinds of situations are very rare. If we pay a little more attention at the things going around on the web, we will tackle any spam or hack leading to any kind of loss. So, just open your Mind!

  • Anonymous:

The People there are fake! I just can’t trust anyone.

Fake accounts are way too common nowadays, but still not everyone is fake. And on the trusting point, it’s your choice to trust whomever you want, but I will recommend that you should make sure that person is at least a real one and is also someone that can’t cause any harm to you.

  • Muskaan Goyal, Student:

I feel trapped in it! There are so many people to judge me, Why? I just can’t express myself. All that I can do is regret about sharing my opinion.

I know that feel, everyone you know and even people you don’t know wants to comment on your opinion and the negativity there is way more than the positivity. But still you have the options to block, report or simply ignore them.

  • Alexander Thoryk:

Definitely the Internet isn’t a safe place. Any personal information that you type on your keyboard or store on your device (PC, tablet, or smartphone) could be stolen if that device is connected to the Internet. The Connection is two-way path: if you are connected to the Internet, the Internet is connected to you

Internet was made for connection and it has done that work too, but the people are making it harder to work. The Internet was invented by the people and is being destroyed by the people; it’s not the internet from which we fear, but it’s the people of the internet who make us afraid. The only solution for this is teaching and creating awareness about its safety.

Stop, before you make a final decision that this world is crazy as the Internet is not a thing to be scared of. I have the same thinking before I got the responses that I have shared above. Surely for some people and due to some people Internet has become a thing of fear. And before that video, I conducted a poll on G+ to know what people thing, Is the Internet a thing that we need to be afraid of?

The results (300+ people voted) were same as I expected, have a look:

HNCK4040-1300x867Over 80% people think that the Internet is not at all something that can scare us (Before starting Immune Web, I was one of them), but still we all are or will be victimised in the cyber world. And those 17% people are those who are aware of the vices of the web and are thus somehow, scared of it.

The comments with the polls were as Interesting as the difference in polls, here are some of them, along with my opinions and comments on them:

A guy took my words and replied to the above guy, Jacek Malinowski: Dominick, people are the internet!

  • Naki Ford: A bunch of creativity arranged pixels on a screen can’t possibly scare anyone. Unless of course its a horror movie. 

This comment sounds like an open challenge to a Hacker, but I like the spirit and maybe, that guy is not aware of the vices of this dark virtual world or he is just brave enough.

That’s scarier! By the way, almost every Internet user is a slave to it. (Welcome to the virtual world!)

  • Shift Steel: It is a tool for us to connect with the world and there are no borders between people and it’s also an everlasting library of knowledge, we just have to look in the right place because they have pumped this place full of propaganda.

The knowledge gets doomed when we don’t use it wisely. And this library of Knowledge is also doomed by the harmful and unmoral uses of it.

I got two hilarious comments also, Gio Gogilashvili: LOLZsolt VargaNo I am scared of apple! (Unexpected)

Still have any fear left? Let me know in the Comments below. And if you liked the Video please hit the Like & Share button (I am not asking for Subscriptions) And don’t mind if that video didn’t meet your demands, it was the first time and I will surely, improve with time.

Thanks for Reading! 🙂


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